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Episode 32: Interview About the Billy Meier UFO Case with Derek Bartholomaus

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Recap: Derek Bartholomaus explains the basics of the Billy Meier claimed ongoing UFO contact case. From the beginnings to photographs, to videos, to metal, sound, and prophecies, we touch on several of the major components of the scenario and discuss how they can either be easily explained by Earthly means or are misquotes, misrepresentations, or mistakes.

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Paul   Los Angeles

2:24am on Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 

I love how True Believers across-the-board so readily accept all implausible/highly unlikely claims with total credulity, demanding no corroborating evidence at all. However when confronted by claims backed with evidence to the contrary they demand not only referenced sources but also a PERSONALLY verified chain of custody of said evidence. I'm thinking not only of Sarah's comment, but i also just stumbled onto a hilarious c2c clip of Mike bara responding to Stuart's call-in question about mike changing his mind that there exists massive urban sprawl (what about suburbs? Those too maybe?) and other structures on the moon. I found it posted on /media/. So funny.

Sarah- even if, let's just pretend, Derek didn't correspond with this woman personally. Does that really change the implication of the vast majority of evidence Derek presents?

Stuart   Boulder, CO, USA

7:45pm on Monday, April 30th, 2012

Sarah, as I just responded to you on my blog, you can easily contact Derek to ask him this before making the statement as fact: On the main landing page of the site, there are three paragraphs below the "welcome." Clearly at the end of the third paragraph is the statement and link: If you have any questions about the material presented on this website you can contact Derek Bartholomaus by sending an email to"

Sarah   Location unknown

7:43pm on Monday, April 30th, 2012 

Derek has no presented actual links for his correspondence between between him and dellafave. Its doubtful she would have kept the logs.

Rick K.   St. Louis, MO, USA

11:14pm on Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 

I have researched a few bits about Billy Meier as well, and it was hilarious learning how incredibly transparently false his claims are. Derek was an entertaining guest, and never once got boring. I enjoyed his reference to Douglas Adams near the end of the interview. I hope you have Derek on again sometime in the future, maybe talking about some other topic he's investigating.

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