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Episode 62: Interview with Bill Hudson About

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Recap: Bill Hudson is an amateur astronomer out of California (USA) who, for four years, operated the website. In this interview, we discuss his motivation for starting it, some of the stats on how the site was visited, Bill's favorite back-peddling now that we're into 2013, and his new endeavor:

A summary of answers to Puzzler from Episodes 59-60 will be discussed in episode 63.

Puzzler: There was no puzzler in this episode.

Q&A: There was no Q&A in this episode.

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Because this was an interview, there is no transcript. The topics covered were:

  • You started the site four years ago -- what was your motivation?
  • Had you ever focused on pseudoscience before, or was this a natural progression from something else?
  • How quickly did the site grow both in terms of contributors and web traffic?
  • What were some of the most-viewed pages?
  • What were some of the most contentious pages, and did you receive any threats?
  • Though I will do a separate episode on this later, there's plenty to go around -- ¿What are some of your favorite back-peddlers, now that the End of the World™ has come and gone with nary a whimper?
  • Of the 2012ers, who do you really want to hear an excuse from whom you haven't yet?
  • What's your latest endeavor?

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