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Episode 109 - The Fake Story of Planet X, Part 9 - Marshall Masters

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Recap: This is the story of a time in the present, a time of myth and legend. When the ancient tales are petty and cruel, and they will return to plague mankind with suffering. Only one group dared to challenge the disinformation machine, led by a man named Marshall Masters. Masters possesses an intellect the truth movement rarely sees, being a member of Mensa, an intellect surpassed only by the power of his heart to get the word out. He journeyed the internet and late-night radio programs, battling the minions of the evil disinformationers, and the all-powerful NASA.

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This is the story of a time in the present, a time of myth and legend. When the ancient tales are petty and cruel, and they will return to plague mankind with suffering. Only one group dared to challenge the disinformation machine, led by a man named Marshall Masters. Masters possesses an intellect the truth movement rarely sees, being a member of Mensa, an intellect surpassed only by the power of his heart to get the word out. He journeyed the internet and late-night radio programs, battling the minions of the evil disinformationers, and the all-powerful NASA.

In this underworld of conspiracy, mystery, and Truth, everything you've ever heard as true is a lie, and lies are true.

Planet X is coming.

Planet X is on a 3600-year orbit around the sun. It's a brown dwarf twice as big as Jupiter and has an entire constellation of satellites. Chelyabinsk? That meteor last year that exploded over Russia? Yeah, that was flung at us from Planet X. After all NASA was blind-sighted by it and it came from the direction of the sun, where NASA doesn't look. We're seeing a huge increase of fireballs and meteors, seen across huge areas.

It's only very rarely visible from Earth right now because it's behind the sun, where it's been for awhile, apparently, since that's how orbits work, somehow. But that's okay, Marshall's team has been able to catch glimpses of it and work out its orbit. It'll be near perihelion soon - the closest approach to the sun - and it's between that and the ecliptic - even though those are not mutually exclusive terms - that it's in the kill zone. That's when it'll have the most interactions with the sun, causing biblical-scale solar flares. We're going to have to learn how to live underground during the day. It'll also cause Edgar Cayce's predicted pole shift, just a few degrees, because it'll lock onto the lithosphere and drag it, moving the crust along with it. That'll cause volcanoes and earthquakes and other bad stuff.

Now, don't go thinking that this'll be a non-event, like the 2003 Nancy Leider non-event (see episode 51). That was just silly, she needed to calm down and look at the facts and be reasonable.

What's that? I said that based on crop circle formations back in 2011 that all this was going to go down in December 2012, the Mayan apocalypse? That due to Planet X back then, the sun was going to unleash hell on Earth? That the guacamole was going to hit the fan then? What are you, one of THEM?

Where was I? ... oh, that's right. This all happened before. Noah's flood was because of Planet X. The ancients all knew it, especially the Egyptians. It's right there in the Kolbrin Bible. It's also in the Christian Bible, especially newer translations, it's just more hidden, but you have to know how to decipher all this. I did mention I'm a member of Mensa, right?

Planet X is coming.

So yeah, this all went down thousands of years ago, and it's going to happen again. 3600 year orbit, remember? NASA's been observing it for years, but they won't tell anyone. And when the guacamole hits the fan, there will still be people who won't believe it. The media will all be, "," but there will be people who refuse to accept it, refuse to lift the bliss of ignorance.

But me and my team, we've been observing it for long enough to pin down its orbit. Now, it's late 2013 to early 2014 that the brown dwarf is going to be in a superior conjunction - when it's on the opposite side of the sun, but inside Earth's orbit -- screw you! I know what those terms mean, I said superior not inferior conjunction! -- but it's then, just in that few-month period, but it's a rough estimate based on the data we're looking at, even though there's no way to calculate an accurate ephemeris due to all the bodies involved - gosh, gee, I don't know how they do it with asteroids! - but it's definitely going to be there because we've got a good idea of where it is now and how long it's going to be there so it may certainly for sure be there at that time but we can't set hard dates, only approximate dates. And, uh, I'm talking about solar storms.

So yeah, we've observed it because I back-engineered how cameras work and I created this technique called "camera sensor illumination" which uses gamma to tell you when there's a hot object there - one that's emitting photons - as opposed to a sun dog. Because a sun dog is all in the camera, it's not a real atmospheric phenomena where you see photons! That'd just be silly. So yeah, this "camera sensor illumination," it lets me tell you if it's a real object or just an optical phenomenon.

Not like those camera cell phone shots that people have been sending for years. That's all part of the disinformation campaign. They were professionally planted there by people who need to pay their child support. Duh. But, they did a real good job of it, they have a profile, they have a playbook, all written by the best, because they inoculated the public against Planet X. I know the difference between the average Joe not knowing what he's doing versus outright disinfo.

Planet X is coming.

It's gonna be bad. All these images that are real - not the fake ones of sun dogs -- yes! I know what a sun dog is, I'm in Mensa! -- all these real images let us work out the orbit. It's hard to take these images from the ground because there's more water in the air than there's ever been before, and you think water is transparent, but it's translucent, just look at your car windshield when it's raining! So it's translucent, and that along with all the chemtrails that they're spraying means you have to get up really high to image this thing, and we've gotten photos of it, and those photos certainly weren't of stars or sun dogs because of my technique that I put up on YouTube but seem to have taken down just a few months later.

But you really have to be careful about the disinformation on YouTube, all the targeted, wolf pack disinformation attacks and attack sites. If you really have the goods, don't label your videos with inflammatory titles, like, "DEBUNK THIS, SKEPTICS!!" or "DEBUNK THIS, BITCHES!!!" Ask yourself if you're a Planet X Soldier for Truth. And go from there. Lead from your heart chakra.

Yeah, professional astronomers know all about it. There was a slow trickle of information that started with Velikovsky. But, the astronomer Robert Herrington of the US Naval Observvatory came out and said it was real, and he even appeared in a documentary with Zecharia Sitchin, and shortly thereafter he died mysteriously. Ever since then, the Planet X information with books and stuff just died off.

Yeah? My book? "Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide?" Sure, that's still valid. 2012 was just a wake-up call - it's all still gonna happen. You know, some people say the REAL 2012 is actually in December 16, 2013. 2012 was the warm-up band, and 2013 is the headline act. [clip from Coast to Coast AM, August 7, 2013, Hour 4, starting 19:08]:

GN: "Okay, on the 'For Sure' meter, Marshall, how sure are you that this is all going to come down?"

MM: "100%"

GN: "Wow."

Already Debunked Sitchin and a 3600-Year-Orbiting Planet

Well, I hope you folks found that all at least mildly entertaining. I thought that was a better way to present the arguments of Marshall Masters than to give a simple run-down of his claims. I've listened to a few hours of his arguments over the years, and I wrote down many quotes; several of the lines I spoke were direct quotes from him, and he really does have the nerve to keep spouting his stuff even after he said stuff would happen in 2012 and it didn't, but more on that in a bit.

This episode is Part 9 of the Fake Story of Planet X series, meaning that there's still more nuance to the pseudoscience that's out there about Planet X. Marshall Masters' version, if you got nothing else out of my intro rant, is full of conspiracy. Listener Mike Bohler of the "A Skeptics Guide to Conspiracy" podcast had asked me: "What would the universe look like if the the crazies were right? What would it take to have a Planet X work and what would we see?" He sent me that on April 29, and this was already planned for May 11, so I told him to stay tuned.

And that's what the world would have to look like for Planet X to be true. It would have to be a wide world of conspiracy where things work a certain way when they really don't.

For example, there's the 3600-year planet of Sitchin, which is the version that Marshall clearly espouses. I debunked that back in episodes 23 and 95. A 3600-year planet simply doesn't work because of the stability of the asteroid belt, among other things. Like there would be records from the last time a friggin' planet swung through the inner solar system, especially one that's a star.

Though Masters isn't particularly clear on what he means by a star. In one interview he said that the sun has a binary companion, since 90% of the stars in the galaxy do, when it's actually probably about 60%. But in another interview, he said it's a brown dwarf, which tends not to count quite so much as a companion star, but in the same interview he said it's twice as large as Jupiter, which certainly isn't a star and most wouldn't even think of calling it a brown dwarf -- it's a planet.

Where Is It?

He says that it's really hard to observe, and that you have to be above most of the atmosphere, while at the same time accepting Random Joes' images and videos taken with a cheap camera from a moving car on the ground as evidence.

And that while he has enough observations to calculate the orbit such that he knows when superior conjunction is - which is when it's on the OPPOSITE side of the sun from Earth, not between Earth and the Sun because that would be an inferior conjunction - he can only give you a rough estimate of when it'll actually be in a particular location because there are so many objects orbiting it that all those objects make it impossible to predict the orbit. Which is baloney because you just need three observations and you can model an orbit because the sun is what counts in the solar system because that's where over 99% of the mass is.

But, observations are hard! Because apparently it's right where the sun is. Except that doesn't make any sense either. Yes, a planetary body could be near the sun as seen from Earth. But unless it's like Mercury and just orbits a few tens of millions of miles from the sun over and over, it moves! It can't just sit there for months or years on end, and yet we've been hearing from Masters and other Planet X people that the reason you can't see it very well is because it's close to the sun in our sky. And doesn't move from there, apparently. Which, really, is impossible for any object that obeys basic laws of gravity and motion and would be a planet on a 3600-year elliptical orbit. If nothing else, WE move, so either it has to be exactly where Earth is except opposite the sun, or something like Mercury.

Except we SEE Mercury. We've known it's existed since before written records were kept. Yet somehow an object that's either a star, a brown dwarf, or a planet twice as big as Jupiter isn't seen by anyone but him and his group or random people on YouTube.

But, if you want to see it, apparently you can look near the sun and it'll be there. According to him, you can look either soon before sunrise, or soon after sunset. Except even that doesn't make sense. If it's off the eastern side of the sun, then it would be visible during the morning before sunrise. If it's off the western side of the sun, then it would be visible during the evening after sunset. You can't have it both ways. Venus is the morning or the evening star, it can't be both at the same time. It's just not physically possible. Unless somehow this magic object moves from one side of the sun to the other over the course of 12 hours, just from your particular vantage point on Earth, but it never goes too far from the sun such that normal people who know what they're doing can see it.

Back to 2012, from 2011

For all those reasons, I don't know why people still take him seriously. And even though I know that Coast to Coast AM isn't a bastion of common sense, even THEY shouldn't be buying into his story because of his massive fail with 2012. I played these clips from him in Episode 57 on Solar Flare Doom for 2012: [clip from Coast to Coast AM, April 10, 2011, Hour 2, starting 20:37 in; then Hour 3, starting 3:13 minutes in]

He was wrong. He made great efforts in that interview from April 10, 2011, to emphasize that he's in Mensa, he has an incredibly high IQ, and then he goes on to interpret crop circles. Which, as is probably clear by this point, I don't consider reliable evidence for anything other than general gullibility.

But as I said, he predicted bad stuff would happen in 2012. And it didn't. He's been predicting this solar stuff and is still going at it, two years after its expiration date. And when he was saying it last summer and autumn - at least in the northern hemisphere as the seasons go - he was predicting that all this bad stuff would happen starting in the winter of 2013 to 2014. I'm recording this in mid-May 2014. I admit I'm about 6 days behind on my news reading, but so far as I'm aware, no massive volcanos or solar storms or earthquakes out of the ordinary have happened.

Though he also said it would be really bad starting in 2015. I'm not sure how he gets two different dates in the same interview, but he does claim that, so I guess he might be on Coast to Coast again throughout they year as we lead up to 2015.

More Fear, More Nonsense

But, it's all - as Richard Hoagland would call it - "fear porn." He's saying a pole shift will happen, a geographic one -- see Episodes 21 and 22 for more on that. He says a massive solar storm will hit, but he said that would happen 16 months ago. Somehow he gets away without being held to his previous predictions.

The fact that he wrote "Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide" and is still being taken seriously baffles me. Here's a quote from his book: "In the context of a post-historic world, the global pains of 2012 will be far greater than those of the Black Death." Or that in 2012, "Planet X will appear as a second sun in the sky" but by mid-2009, "It will be clearly visible at night as a bright, reddish object to those living in the Southern Hemisphere."

The predictions in his book about a darkened atmosphere due to a volcanic nuclear winter, massive earthquakes of >9 mag occurring all throughout the world in rapid succession, electronic systems not surviving, maybe the Yellowstone supervolcano going off ... all of these things he wrote about happening in 2012 and 2013 in his book from mid-2007, he's still saying today, just the time has shifted. And yet no one has held him accountable. In fact, his book is still getting some 4- and 5-star reviews on Amazon, as recently as the middle of 2013.

I realize I may sound a bit more frustrated than usual in this episode, but sometimes the ridiculous amount of credulity out there simply bugs me. It's really ridiculous that he still has an audience, that he's still believed, and people take Marshall Masters and his YOWBooks (Your Own World) group in any way, shape, or form seriously.

And yet, he still has an audience. And I'm sure I would now be considered a disinformation person, following a script, a familiar pattern, that he is able to see through with his immense intellect and discerning abilities. After all, he's a member of Mensa.

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Stuart Robbins   Lyons, CO, USA

3:46pm on Monday, February 2nd, 2015

Thanks, Whit. I agree that it's unfortunate when people spread this kind of fear, especially when it's such an old claim that has been debunked so many times.

Whit   Los Angeles

11:28am on Monday, February 2nd, 2015 

I've been following a popular Nibiru doomsday group on Facebook of late. Many of them contend that there are two suns and the government is spraying chemtrails to hide said second sun. It reminds me of very primitive humans trying to make sense of their scary and chaotic world. They set science back tens of thousands of years and unfortunately they needlessly scare children the uneducated,and scientific illiterate. These same folks are spreading junk myths about vaccines and mind control chemtrails. These "sheeple" are dangerous to our post enlightenment ways of life.Thank you for contribution.

Justin   Edmonton

8:09am on Wednesday, May 14th, 2014 

Really great episode Stu. I really enjoyed it.

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