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Episode 115 - The Electric Universe, Part 1, with Dr. Tom Bridgman

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Recap: When originally formulated, the Electric Universe umbrella of ideas was a serious area of investigation. And Dr. Tom Bridgman describes many of the early tests that were done ... and why they failed. In this Part 1, we discuss a lot of these early ideas, tests, and a general overview of the Electric Universe.

Puzzler for Episode 115: There was no Puzzler in this episode.

Q&A: There was no Q&A in this episode.

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Because this was an interview, there is no transcript for this episode. A brief list of topics discussed include:

  • Tom's background and interest in these topics, and why he sees young-Earth creationism as similar to electric universe ideas.
  • A "brief" history of the electric universe idea(s).
  • An overview of the basic ideas of electric universe.
  • Some examples of how the electric universe model does not work, because it makes specific predictions about what should happen very close to us, and observations show that it doesn't work that way.

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